Our History

McGrath Real Estate Services, Inc. was founded over 35 years ago by a Foreign Service couple, Peg and Ed McGrath, as a full-service real estate company serving Northern Virginia. After nearly thirty years in the Foreign Service and many overseas assignments, the McGrath family returned to Northern Virginia with a unique understanding of the challenges associated with owning and managing rental property while balancing work that requires international travel with a family. Inspired to help others in the same situation, McGrath Realty was founded.

Now, McGrath Real Estate Services is still a family-owned firm owned and managed by James and Timothy McGrath, Peg and Ed’s two sons but has expanded to offer our Clients full service property management and sales services. Our firm now manages over 750 properties in Loudoun, Fairfax, Alexandria City, Falls Church City and Arlington counties and is a leader in the Northern Virginia property management industry.

Our niche has been providing service oriented management of all types of single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums in Northern Virginia. We specialize in Virginia real estate only and limit our areas of service from Leesburg through parts of Alexandria to ensure quality service at no additional expense. We serve you best because we concentrate on the evolving dynamics of the real estate markets as well as the rules and regulations in these territories.

Over the past several years, McGrath Real Estate Services has emerged as the trusted choice for all our Client’s real estate needs. Offering property management, sales, and buying services while still maintaining our family-owned identity allows those searching for real estate services in Northern Virginia to get the highest quality personal service. We strive to make every client feel like a part of the McGrath Real Estate family.

Mission Statement

McGrath Real Estate is a family-owned, full service real estate company committed to providing professional real estate services that will result in successful business ventures. Our roots as a family operated company influence our dedication to customer service and the development of long lasting relationships. To our Clients, we provide effective representation of your interests in today’s complex real estate environment while leading the industry in quality customer service. To our Employees, we are committed to creating a challenging and rewarding environment in which every member of our team is valued. To our community, we prioritize the development of our youth. McGrath Real Estate operates in a fiscally responsible manner to reach profit and growth, the fundamentals of our goals and commitments. Our constant pursuit of improvements in the manner in which we provide our services and our commitment to the family values we were built upon empower our team to deliver personal real estate services.

Our Approach

At McGrath Real Estate Services, Inc. we take a unique approach to serving our customers in all their real estate needs. Until 2007, our property management company utilized a one-point-of-contact property management approach that most firms employ. Each property manager was in charge of everything associated with their assigned properties. Tasks such as meeting prospective clients, marketing and leasing the home, inspections, repairs and emergency maintenance, as well as communication about the property, all were handled by one point of contact. This resulted in many different levels of expectations and results between our clients. It became important that our services be consistent and cover a broad range of policies and procedures, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Now, McGrath Real Estate employs a team approach to property management. We created departments whose sole responsibility is to ensure that their specific aspect of property management (for example, maintenance) is done consistently and effectively. Since 2007, we’ve been the leader in the Northern Virginia Property Management industry as a result of our departmentalized approach. Our departments include Accounting, Administrative, Client Advocate, Inspections, Leasing, Repairs and our experienced Sales Team, who act as full-time real estate professionals. We invite you to meet and get to know every member of our team and become a part of the McGrath Real Estate family!