Why We Like Picky Tenants

moving inSo you have a picky tenant and you’re not happy with the barrage of requests? McGrath completely understand your frustrations, and suspicions, particularly when you made so much effort to present the home. It is also human nature to assume the worst particularly when you are thousands of miles away and unable to put your eyes on things. In some cases, tenants can just be picky. Sometimes picky tenants are preferable, particularly over an apathetic tenant, as the picky ones tend to treat the home as if it were their own. At the expiration of the lease the property is more often than not returned in very good condition by the “high maintenance” picky tenant. As your property manager, we have no financial or any other incentive to respond to repair and maintenance concerns and would prefer your experience to be nothing but smooth sailing. However, we do recognize your tenant as your customer, and try to be responsive and professional to their issues. Like all businesses, your business requires customer service and you have hired us in part to provide that on your behalf to your customer. We have found this consideration is more often than not reciprocated by tenants through their care and respect of the home. It also counts big at lease renewal time.

By no means are we saying that you should acquiesce to all of your tenant’s requests. Oftentimes there is a middle ground where both parties can be happy and the relationship between Landlord and Tenant remains strong. For example, your tenant wants the old chandelier in the dining room replaced but the one in there is working just fine. We have seen several examples of compromise which have worked out to the benefit of both parties and resulted in the tenant renewing their lease rather than moving out.

Every situation is different and as your agent and property manager we will advise you with our experienced opinion. Sometimes, a small concession here and there will provide you with more reward in the end. For more information on Repairs and the repairs process please contact the Repairs Department at Repairs@McGrathRealEstate.com.