McGrath Window & Siding Program

If you are returning to your home in the coming year, it is the perfect time to take the opportunity to embrace the importance and value of making improvements to your home. Placing a high emphasis on your home’s most noticeable features will improve its curb appeal and entice future Tenants and Buyers.

Window replacement is among the top renovations on the list of pertinent and functional improvements for any home. With the help of McGrath Real Estate Services Inc, you can make that necessary upgrade to promote energy efficiency (reducing financial strain), provide a safer environment for children and adults, as well as boost your home’s first impression to future prospects.

Upgraded windows provide an abundance of benefits for homeowners. McGrath Real Estate Services receives wholesale prices from top quality window manufacturers, Soft-Lite. Our affiliations with these vendors provide the opportunity to purchase directly from the window distributor with pricing well below quotes from other window salesman.

Dave Anderson, Property Manager/Realtor at McGrath Real Estate Services suggests, “Replacing your windows is not only a value for the present, but also for the future.” Whether you are replacing windows to reduce energy bills, enhance appearance, or safety concerns, we would like the opportunity to provide estimates for your comparison when making this valuable upgrade. You can find information relating to tax credits available through the Federal Government for Energy Star windows noted on their website at There is a tax benefit for homeowners who live in the home which is why we recommend waiting until your return to take advantage of these tax breaks. These offers and rebates are expected to continue.

Additionally, avoid the unsightly look of cracked painting and caulking normally found on older wood windows with the feature of a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance, such as PVC capping. In ad- dition to being air tight, these windows also have a low emissivity (low e glass with specially designed coating) quality that radiates, or emits, low levels of radiant energy. In other words, these coatings reflect radiant heat originating from indoors in winter to remain inside the home, while infrared heat that is radiated from the sun is reflected away in summer months keeping your home cooler.

These premium windows are engineered for custom fit for your specific home based on your current windows and also prove to be aesthetically pleasing, thus making your home stand out amongst the others in the neighbor- hood.

As always, McGrath Real Estate Services continues to make strides towards providing clients the most value for their homes. Investing in your home is essential to prepare for its future. Get your consultation today and make this pertinent upgrade at a price that is pleasing to your budget.