Preparing to Move Out

McGrath Real Estate understands moving is a difficult and time consuming process for everyone. Therefore, we’ve created a few checklists and reminders to guide you through a successful Move Out transition and keep as much of your Security Deposit as possible! By doing so, it will help your Move Out Inspection run smoother and save you from the following Security Deposit deductions.

  1. Please present ALL keys, garage door openers, fobs, passes, parking stickers and permits to your Move Out Inspector at the time of your Move Out. Failure to return these items may result in a $350 Security Deposit charge, per the lease, Section 14-B.
  2. We understand house cleaning can be exhausting and time consuming during this transitional period. We’ve partnered with a third party company, New World Cleaning Services, Inc., you may wish to hire to perform cleaning responsibilities. If requested, they will replace light bulbs, furnace filters and most other specific requests you provide. Our partnership with New World gives us the opportunity to guarantee their cleaning services. If our Move Out Inspector feels the property is not cleaned sufficiently, we will send New World back out to the property at no additional cost. *If you hire New World you will need to pay them at the time of cleaning. This is not a service that is provided by McGrath Real Estate Services.*
    • New World Cleaning Services, Inc – 703-237-7617
  3. Per Section 13-F on your lease, ALL carpets should be professionally cleaned upon vacating the premises, unless a signed addendum between tenants and owners state otherwise. Tenant shall provide evidence of said cleaning or cost will be deducted from the Security Deposit. Additionally, all pet owners must provide evidence of de-flea and de-tick treatments on paid receipts. To assist with this process, we’ve partnered with two highly recommended carpet cleaning companies that provide great service and reasonable pricing.
    • Beltway Carpet Cleaning & Restoration – 703-786-7436 or email at
    • Carpet Dynamics LLC, 703-560-1221 or 703-217-8260
  4. Per Section 13-N on your lease, if the premises is equipped with wood-burning fireplace(s), Tenant shall be responsible for having the chimney flue(s) cleaned prior to vacating the premises regardless of whether fireplace was used or not. The flue needs to be checked, ensured clear and safe for use.
  5. Unused chimneys are homes for chimney swallows, if there are nests it will cause chimney flue fires. Tenant shall provide evidence of said cleaning or cost will be deducted from the security deposit, unless a signed addendum states otherwise. To assist with this process, we’ve partnered with a highly recommended company offering all McGrath tenants a discount on this service.
    • Winston’s Chimney Service – 703-379-5006 (Don’t forget to mention you’re a McGrath tenant to receive your discount!)
  6. If you have automated payments for your monthly rent, please log onto your Tenant Portal and delete the auto payments after your final month’s rent is sent. If you have any issues logging onto your portal, please contact
  7. Kindly e-mail Mr. Taylor Bittner your forwarding address at your earliest convenience. Having this information ahead of time will expedite the release of your Security Deposit Disposition.

Thank you for renting from McGrath. Our team wishes you a successful and smooth transition. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thanks!