Rental Property Inspections: What to Look for | Northern Virginia Property Management

Property inspections are always important, but they are especially valuable during the move-in and move-out periods of a lease. At McGrath Real Estate Services, we maintain a property inspection checklist that’s used anytime a tenant moves in or out.

Move In Inspection

After a tenant signs a lease, they are required to schedule a move-in inspection with our property inspection team. We use a property inspection checklist that helps us accurately document the condition of the property. Our inspectors go into the property and complete a detailed inspection so we know how the house looks before a new tenant moves in. We check the walls, carpets, paint, light bulbs, filters, and everything else. The inspection checklist allows us to completely map out the condition of the home.

Move Out Inspection

At end of tenancy, we take another look at the rental property inspection checklist. Our team conducts another inspection, which is the move-out inspection. Our inspector returns to the property and uses the checklist to note the condition of the home at the end of the lease. Then, we compare each of the inspection checklists to see if we’re getting the property back in the same condition that it was given to the tenant.

Property Management Ashburn Security Deposit Disposition

Our inspectors take pictures throughout the property during the move in and move out inspections. If any questions are raised during the security deposit disposition, we can refer back to those pictures so we can Rental Property Inspections What to Look for Ashburn Property Managementreview the documented condition. We also make note of the keys, fobs, and parking passes that are distributed and returned. At move-out, everything must match the move-in inspection report, otherwise we can charge the tenant to replace them. We will also make note about whether the carpets were professionally cleaned, the chimney swept, and the home cleaned to our standards. Before sending out the security deposit disposition, we make sure the tenants have paid the final water bill.

If you have any questions about security deposits, inspections, or Ashburn VA property management in general, be sure to contact us at McGrath Real Estate Services.